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Scheule a coronavirus plan meeting

Kathy Kemp OTR/L,LSW,CMC


SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at  kathy@kathykemp.com

SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at  kathy@kathykemp.com

Families are worried about older relatives. The older the individual and the more chronic conditions they have, the more likely the virus will lead to very serious complications. In response to these critical concerns, we have developed a Coronavirus Plan program [link to Coronavirus Plan page]. We will address your immediate concerns and then we work on improving the current situation, strategizing to handle the most likely contingencies:
The big questions:
  • "Should I bring my mother home from assisted living?"
  • "Is it safe for dad to still have his caregivers coming into the house?"
  • "How will we care for mom and dad if they get sick?"
  • What if one spouse is sick and the other isn't?
  • What if the older adult has to go to the hospital?
  • What if YOU get sick?
These are just some of the many difficult questions families are facing. Depending on your loved one's general health, there may be problems with monitoring chronic conditions or questions about how to safely continue chemo or other treatments.
 Questions about daily life
  • “Is it safe to unpack delivered groceries?”
  • “How do we stay in touch? Mom is so isolated she's getting depressed.”
  • “Cabin fever is driving dad crazy!”

"Thanks for your amazing insights and suggestions. Meeting with you helped us move forward in enexpected ways."

Daughter, Arlington, MA

"Kathy not only provided information and services,
she was also incredibly compassionate and empathetic toward our family and invaluable in helping us all through a very difficult time. Thank you so much, Kathy Kemp!"

Daughter, Newton, MA

What is a coronavirus plan?

Sage Advice gives you peace of mind

Occupational Therapist
Social Worker
How to protect yourself and others

Coronavirus has brought with it many uncertainties and worries. Older adults are most vulnerable and their families are now having to make hard choices to safely get their personal care, medical, psychological, and social need needs met. There are endless questions.


There are the big questions:


Is their current living situation the safest one?

Is it safe to have caregivers come into the home?

How do I know that my parent is doing okay if I can't her them in person?

What will happen if he gets ill? If I get ill?

What measures should be taken in the context of grave illness?


There are the smaller questions:

How can I use technology to keep in touch with my family and the medical team?

How do I explain social distancing and mask wearing to my parents?


These dilemmas may seem overwhelming but we can provide you with current information, options, and answers to help you have confidence in your decisions and support you may need to implement your plan. We respect that each person has unique goals and challenges and that is always at the forefront of our work together.