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Sometimes accepting
help results in more
freedom and

Kathy Kemp OTR/L,LSW,CMC

"Thanks for doing such
a great job, Kathy. It really makes me feel so much more comfortable leaving knowing that Mom is in good hands.”

Son, NC


SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at

SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at

Preserving Independence

Sage Advice gives you peace of mind

As an Occupational Therapist, the foundation of my practice is based on helping people function as well as possible, at the things they most value. It may be counter-intuitive, but many times accepting help leads to more freedom and independence. As people get older there is often a wish for things to stay the way they've always been, and it can be difficult to accept (or embrace!) what the next chapter brings. Be it an in-home companion, a home health aide,

an adaptive device, or a new living situation, the goal is to support autonomy and free will.

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