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SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at

SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at

Occupational Therapist
Social Worker

Kathy Kemp OTR/L,LSW,CMC

It can be difficult to schedule and keep track of medical appointments and medications when there are serious or complex health problems.
I accompany clients to their medical appointment to be sure they are seen and also heard. I can take notes, ask questions, and report back to loved ones.

I arrange and monitor in-home or facility-based caregivers to ensure
that a client's individual needs are met with efficiency and respect.

"You were so kind and I noticed you were very protective of
Lara! You should be proud of yourself. You were a great advocate for her Kathy, I have much respect for you (and) it was great working with you."

Hospice nurse, Cambridge MA

  • Escort to appointments and client advocacy with health
    care professionals

  • Be a liaison between family
    and medical team

  • Pick up prescriptions, supervise filling of medicine trays, and monitor medication compliance
  • Represent the client and family at treatment team meetings in rehab/skilled nursing settings
  • Monitor and update the
    care plan

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