SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at

SAGE ADVICE CARE MANAGEMENT  Phone: 339.298.8566 |  Email Kathy at

Depression and other mental health issues are often overlooked or undertreated. It is a fallacy that it is "normal" for older people to be depressed, grumpy, overly somatic, or listless. This is not true! Healthy older people may long for the past and grieve their losses, but they continue to experience periods of joy through relationships, interests, or sensory experiences (music, the arts, pets etc.).


Hoarding behavior is an illness that poses a danger and disruption for those with this behavior and those that may live with them or care for them. Both with hands-on help and referral to specialized help, Kathy takes on this challenge.


Kathy is especially skilled and interested in meeting a client's psychiatric/behavioral issues. She has expertise in identifying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and psychotic disorders. She is skilled in educating family and caregivers in promoting mental health, and is creative in her approach when working with elders who present with these challenges.  With compassion and competency, Kathy is the
ideal resource for those living with, or caring for an elder with mood, behavior, or cognitive changes and challenges.

Kathy Kemp OTR/L,LSW,CMC


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Mental Health

"Thank you once again for working with me on this.

I am so appreciative of your expertise, qualifications, and experience working with elders – all of which have contributed to the quality of this report. I will be sure to keep in touch with you about my mother's future progress."

Daughter, Lexington, MA

Occupational Therapist
Social Worker